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Sep 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
sunshine as we head towards the weekend. 80 degrees in law status. patchy fog in half moon bay. east bay temperatures in the '80s. 86 in fairfield and 81 in the napa valley. it will take a little bit longer for the low clouds to break up. eighties in the north bay. the next couple of days we will cranked the temperatures of back towards normal for this time of year maybe with mid-90s by saturday. along the coastline, temperatures near 70 degrees. >> love her or hate her, snippy has made her mark on the state of new jersey. a state assemblyman has introduced a new law to regulate reality show filming in the state. under the lot shows might have to pay for additional security. he says he does not want public safety to be compromised. lady gaga takes on the tabloids by taking off her clothes. she posted this photo of herself on her website yesterday to jab at those attacking her for her weight gain. i guess it sheet gained about 25 lbs.. she said she has battled eating disorders since she was 15. she invited her fans to post photos as well >> she looks great. >> address for a woman who love
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am PDT
had ordered the videos to be removed after a coroner ruled they violate brazilian election laws their goals and had operations in brazil is expected to be released from jail later today. group plans to appeal. he's ready had to to protect his business a very resource guide. the suspect will be a t-shirt over his head and stabbed him with a pocket at but the thief took all the cash at the register and that is on the store clerk said enough is enough bad day for a pack of naturalize through that the suspect and their egos. he dropped the knife drops the cash and then runs out of the store and of course he runs out after him. he said a state historic new stabs to. >>> 616 let's check throats. >>> john i take it away. >>> we just had cinema's chp any did turn those me during my son of those fast track planes also slow down just past the overpass as points the san mateo bridge not the case that is one of our bright spots still looking that in both directions between 811 to 14 to 15 minutes for a drive time elsewhere let's jump over to the golden gate bridge a little bit foggy acro
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
not believe he was intoxicated or violated any traffic laws the principal says there'll be counselors here from three different organizations to help balance in the plan on being here today and throughout the week as students and teachers will be done today live in nevada cbs five. police say their mother daughter crime to of and this money bay area mamma's on the run officers posted a 10 year-old for allegedly shoplifting at a safeway in the south bay. two waves the mom left a daughter holding the bag in more than once. do waves apparently this had happened before the two were caught a security camera about two weeks before the incident when you're caught with happened on september 19th in morgan hill here's how the scheme works basically they filled up a car full of groceries into the dollar was standing at the door with the treasury's well the mom pulled up her car while the daughter got caught by security at the door and that is when the mom just pulled away taking off in her car. marcy q and 511 200 lbs. and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. she called her 10 year-old daught
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3